The Plant Platform


The heart of the Trio Collection.


The Trio Collection has evolved from my fascination of geometry, the natural world and displaying magnificent indoor plants to their full potential.  Each piece has been developed and refined through diverse research and prototyping.  They all work as individual products but also all enhance each other as a Trio collection or multiples of one type.

They create more plant height in your house, become statement pieces and keep them out of reach from pets and children.

Add-on a wall bracket for wall mounting options. The bracket has been designed specifically for the platform. It allows you to hang your platform away from a wall. It is currently only available in ash, however contact me directly if a specific wood is requested.

Various joints, screws, glue and plug dowels provide ultimate stability and refined aesthetics.

The platform is 6mm birch plywood laser cut by Tammy.

Natural hemp rope.


49cm H x Approx 33cm W
2 x 2cm timber
Platform length 24cm

Recommended weight capacity: 3.5 kilos.

*Wall Mount in the photos is not included in the sale of the Hanging Platforms.