FAQs & Product Care

How are items made?

All the wood is machined and hand crafted by me in my workshop in Bristol.
Various joints, screws, glue and plug dowels provide ultimate stability and refined aesthetics.

How are they finished?

Osmo oil or raw organic linseed oil are used to create a high-end finish, enhancing the beauty of the grain, being naturally tactile, while also protecting the wood.

Will it look just like it does in the photo?

Due to the nature of timber these products are one of a kind items. Wood tones and grain change from piece to piece. Images show an overall appearance of each type.

How do I care for my item?

As wood is a natural material, please take care when watering your plant. Wipe off any excess water if spilt onto product. A solid based pot should be used on the platforms to ensure moisture does not escape the plant/pot.

All the materials used are natural and therefore with time may change tones.

Can I put the products outside?

All products have been created using techniques, materials, glues and oils suitable for indoor use. Outdoor use is not recommended. If items are transferred outside for periods of time, the environment may affect the timber and product.

What is the weight capacity for the Trio Collection and Hanging shelves?

Each product page states the weight capacity. Ensure you keep within the recommended weight capacity and that the plant always feels balanced on the product.

Can I take the platform off the Hanging Platform?

No, they have been designed and made to stay in place. Please do not force the platform off the dowels.

How do I attach my item to a wall?

The Hanging Platform includes a hemp rope approx. 85cm long. The block on the end can be removed to allow the rope to be threaded through a hole. Re-knot the Hemp rope as it is a natural fibre and will start to unravel on its ends. If a longer rope is required please contact me directly. If using the wall bracket, two Fischer UX 6X35mm R wall plugs and two 5 x 50mm screws are included. Drill bit recommended for these wall plugs will be 6mm. Please ensure fixings are secure and suitable for the plant you will be placing on the platform.

The Wall Mount includes two Fischer UX 6X35mm R raw plugs and two 5X50mm screws. Drill bit recommended for these raw plugs will be 6mm. After the raw plugs are installed, use a hand screw driver to attach the triangle to the wall. Please ensure fixings are secure and suitable for the plant you will be placing on it.

The Hanging Shelf includes one Fischer UX 6X35mm R raw plug and one 5X50mm screw. Drill bit recommended for the raw plug is 6mm. After the raw plug is installed, screw in the screw. The hemp rope can be adjusted to required height and then re knotted. The screw in the wall will provide support from centre point of the top of the knot.

Always ensure fixings are secure and keep within the weight capacity recommended.